The following walking routes are available at our reception at 1,00 €

Coastal history walk ; 7,5 km A themed walk in Westende and Middelkerke about the origins of coastal tourism.

Ter Strepewandeling : 8 km This walk shows how a narrow strip of land by the sea became a habitable area due to drainage, locks, dikes and gullies.

Fleris Walk : 10 km A walk with the Fleriskothoeve as central point. Named after the legend of the devil's servant Fleris and how he crashed a farm.

Schuddebeurze walk : 12,5 km A theme walk from Westende to the marina of Nieuwpoort and the Schuddebeurzer reserve. A combination of war and nature.

Ijzermondingwandeling : 13 km A theme walk over the rich coastal architecture in Westende-Bad to the Ijzer estuary. Back via the beach.

Or map out your own route with the coastal walking route :